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Main Categories

City Bus Route

Bus No
1 Aavarampalayam Maruthamalai
1A Vadavalli Ondipudur
1B Ondipudur Maruthamalai
1C Vadavalli Ondipudur
1D Ondipudur Maruthamalai
2 Perur SITRA
2B Housing Unit - Ganapathy Telungupalayam - Selvapuram
2C Sanganoor / Kannappanagar Pachapalayam - Perur
2D Perur / Arumuga Goundanur SITRA
3 Ganapathy Madukkarai
3A Ganapathy Madukkarai Market
3B Saibaba Colony Madukkarai
3C Ganapathy Thirumalayampalayam
3D Ganapathy Kovaipudur
3E Gandhipuram Thirumalayampalayam
3F Gandhipuram Press enclave
3G Police Quarters - Ganapathy KG Chavadi
3H Cheran Managar Kovaipudur
3K Ukkadam Gandhi Managar
3M VG Rao Nagar Kovaipudur
3N Nallampalayam Kovaipudur Arivoli Nagar
3R Saibaba Colony Kovaipudur
3S Saibaba Colony Rottigoundanur - Madukkarai
3T Kavundampalayam Kovaipudur
4 Thudiyalur Podhanur
4A Narasimmanaicken palayam Podhanur
4B Ukkadam Press Colony - MTP Rd (P&T)
4C Kovilmedu Podhanur
4D Ukkadam Press Colony - MTP rd
4E NGGO Colony Ondipudur
4F,G Ondipudur Thudiyalur
4H Ukkadam NGGO Colony Puduppalayam
4J Thudiyalur Kovaipudur
4K Appanaicken Palayam Selvapuram
4M Thudiyalur Nanjundapuram
4N Annanagar - Vadavalli rd Housing Unit - Kurichi
5 Sivanandha Colony Sivanandha Colony
5C Sivanandha Colony Sivanandha Colony
6A Gandhipuram Periyanaickenpalayam
7 Gandhi Park Gandhi Park
7A Gandhi Park Gandhi Park
7C Gandhi Park Gandhi Park
8 Singanallur Chettipalayam
8A Chinthamani Pudur Podanur
9 Sundakka Muthur Cheran Managar
9A Kovaipudur PSG Krishnammal
10 Ganapathy Quarters Kalapatti
10A Ukkadam Somanur
10B Kalappatti Saibaba Colony
10C Chinniyampalayam Edayarpalayam (Thadagam Rd)
11 Railway Station Kanuvai
11A Ukkadam Thadagam/Anuvavi Temple
11B Railway Station Veerapandi Pudur
11C Railway Station Chinna Thadagam
11D Railway Station Somayam Palayam (Thadagam Rd)
11E Railway Station Somayanur (Thadagam Rd)
12 Gandhipuram Othakalmandapam (Premier Mill)
12A Gandhipuram Arasipalayam
12D Gandhipuram (Arasipalayam) Nachipalayam
12E Town Hall Velanthavalam
12F Gandhipuram Myleripalayam
12H Madukkarai Gandhi Managar
13A Ukkadam (Neelambur) Kulathur
13B Saibaba Colony Saibaba Colony
13C Ukkadam Cheran Colony
14 Gandhipuram Nathegounden Pudur
14A Gandhipuram Semmedu
14B Perumalpathi Railway Station
14C Gandhipuram Aalandhurai
14D Gandhipuram Isha Yoga
14E Gandhipuram Sadivayal - Siruvani Rd
15 Sivanandha mill - Sathy rd Kuniamuthur
16 Kalappatti Kovilmedu
16B Saibaba Colony Kalappatti
18 Rathinapuri Arasipalayam
19 Ukkadam Nanjundapuram
19B Ukkadam Karanampettai
19C Gandhipuram Karanampettai
19D Gandhipuram Appanaickenpatti
19E Ukkadam Appanaickenpatti Pudur
20 SITRA/Airport TVS Nagar - Thadagam rd
20A Gandhipuram Somanur
20B SIHS Colony Saibaba Colony
20C SIHS Colony Poochiyur
20D Gandhipuram Kaniyur
21 Gandhipuram Dhaliyur Kembanur
21A Gandhipuram Narasipuram
21B Town Hall Devarayapuram
21C Gandhipuram Devarayapuram
22 Sowripalayam Sugarcane Institute
22A Veera Keralam Chinniyampalayam
23A Varatharajapuram Podhanur
24 Kalappatti Ukkadam
25 Edayarpalayam Thondamuthur
25A Perur Saibaba Colony
26 Ukkadam Veerapandi Pudur
26A Ukkadam Thadagam / Anuvavi Temple
27 Railway Station Press Colony (MTP Rd)
27A Ukkadam Idigarai
27B Railway Station Press Colony (MTP Rd)
27C Ukkadam Press Colony (MTP Rd)
28 Singanallur Thondamuthur
29 Gandhipuram Pattanam
30 Ukkadam Kannampalayam
30A Ukkadam Kalangal - Sulur
30B Ukkadam Sulur Aero
30C Ukkadam Sulur Aero
30D Gandhipuram Somanur
30E Ukkadam Selakkarachal
30F Ukkadam Somanur
30G Ukkadam Somanur
30H Ukkadam Somanur
30J Gandhipuram Sulur Aero
31 Madukkarai Market Government Polytechnic
31A Ondipudur Madukkarai
31D Neelambur Arasipalayam
32 Gandhipuram Kovanur
32A Press Colony (MTP Rd) Railway Station
32B Ukkadam Thirumalainaicken Palayam
32C Samichetti Palayam Railway Station
32D Veerapandi (MTP Rd) Railway Station
32E Press Colony (MTP Rd) Railway Station
32F Arivoli Nagar Gandhipuram
32G Gandhipuram Vellamadai
32H Kasthuripalayam Ukkadam
32K Kovanur Railway Station
32M Veerapandi Pirivu (MTP Rd) Railway Station
33 Railway Station Kinathukadavu
33A Gandhipuram Kinathukadavu
33B Gandhipuram Kinathukadavu
33C Railway Station Kothavadi No.10 Muthur
33D Railway Station Kinathukadavu / Kallapuram
33E Town Hall Kinathukadavu / Chettikkapalayam
33G Railway Station Kinathukadavu
34 Ramanathapuram Thadagam
35 Aavarampalayam Karadimadai
35A Gandhipuram Karadimadai
36 Veeriampalayam PN Pudur
37 Ukkadam Kallapalayam - Pappampatti / Ponnani
38 Ukkadam NGGO Colony
38A Thudiyalur LIC Colony - Selvapuram
39 Ukkadam Mylampatti
39A Ukkadam Chinniyampalayam
40 GCT - Thadagam rd Serayampalayam
40A Gandhipuram Somanur
40B Gandhipuram Veeriyampalayam
41A Gandhipuram Kalangal - Sulur
41B Gandhipuram Neelambur / Kittampalayam
41C Ukkadam Karumathampatti / TN Engg College
41D Gandhipuram Sulur / Kumarapalayam
41E Somanur Sulur
41F Gandhipuram Appanaickenpatti Pudur
42A Ukkadam Neelambur
43 GCT (Thadagam Rd) Neelikonampalayam
43A Nallampalayam Neelikonampalayam
44 Ukkadam Serayampalayam
45 Vellamadai Ukkadam
45A Gandhipuram Ganesapuram (Sathy Rd)
45B Gandhipuram Telungupalayam Pirivu-Annur
45C Gandhipuram Annur
45D Gandhipuram Annur
45E Gandhipuram Annur
46 Maruthamalai Ramanathapuram
47 Gandhipuram Seeralapalayam
48 Gandhipurarm Velanthavalam
50 Gandhipuram Kannamanaickenur
51 Gandhipuram Kanjikonampalayam
52 Ukkadam Kallapalayam - Pappampatti
53 Aavarampalayam Podanur Srinivasa Nagar
54 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
55 Gandhipuram Vellalur
55A Ganapathy Edayarpalayam - Vellalur
55B Gandhipuram Vellalur
56 Gandhipuram Poiuvampatti
57 Vellamadai Ukkadam
57A Ukkadam Kottaipalayam
58 Town Hall Narasipuram
59 Gandhipuram Sadivayal - Siruvani Rd
59A Town Hall Virliyur
59C Gandhipuram Karunya / Sadivayal
61 Perur ESI - Singanallur
62 Ukkadam Kovilpalayam - Sathy rd
63 Visuwasapuram/Sahara City LIC Colony, Keeranatham Pudupalayam
64 Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
64B Gandhipuram Thondamuthur / Kondayampalayam
64C Gandhipuram Poluvampatti
64D Gandhipuram Narasipuram
64E Gandhipuram Thondamuthur
65 Gandhipuram Kannampalayam
65A Gandhipuram Sulur
66 Gandhipuram Palathurai
68 Gandhipuram CheranMaNagar
69 Gandhipuram Peedampalli
69A Gandhipuram Pappampatti
69B Gandhipuram Peedampalli
69C Gandhipuram Akkanaickenpalayam
70 Gandhipuram Maruthamalai
70A Maruthamalai Aavarampalayam
70B Maruthamalai Aavarampalayam / Shoba Nagar
71 Kolimedu Machanaickenpaiayam
71A Kovilmedu Housing Unit - Kurichi
72 Ondipudur Chinniyampalayam / Rayarpalayam
72A Ukkadam Neelambur / Vagarayapalayam
73 Gandhipuram Chettipalayam
73B Gandhipuram Myleripalayam
74 Gandhipuram Edayarpalayam - Vellalur
75 Ukkadam Irugur
76 Ganapathy / Saravana Nagar Maruthamalai
77 Ukkadam Edayarpalayam - Pappampatti
77A Ukkadam Akkanaickenpalayam
77B Ukkadam Chandrapuram
78 Gandhipuram Thadagam
80 Ondipudur Edayarpalayam
81 Gandhipuram Rayarpalayam
82 Ukkadam Kuppepalayam
83 Gandhipuram Kottaipalayam
84 Avarampalayam Malumichampatti
85 Ukkadam Thadagam
86 Gandhipuram Chinnavedampatti
87 Gandhipuram Koil Palayam
88 Saibaba Colony Irugur
89A Railway Station Press Colony / Onnipalayam
90 Ukkadam Arasur / Sellappampalayam
90A Ukkadam Somanur
90B Ukkadam Somanur
91 KovaiPudur Saibaba Colony
92 CheranMaNagar Maruthamalai
93 Lawley Road Kulathur
94 PSG Arts College Kalikkanaicken Palayam
95 Gandhipuram Singanallur
96 Gandhipuram Valayar
97 Ukkadam Chinna Thadagam
98 Ukkadam Pachapalayam
99 Gandhipuram Devarayapuram
100 Gandhipuram Gandhipuram
101 Gandhipuram Kumittipathy
102 Gandhipuram Press Colony / Bettathapuram
102A Gandhipuram Karamadai
102B Ukkadam Karamadai
102C Gandhipuram Karamadai / Cheran Nagar
103 Puliyakulam Veprapandipudur
104 Gandhipuram Periyanaickenpalayam / Kuppichipalayam
105 Ukkadam Karanampettai / Kodangipalayam
105A ESI Anuppatti
105B Ukkadam Karanampettai / Kombakattupudur
105C Gandhipuram Sulur / Vadambacheri
107 KovaiPudur SIHS Colony
108A Gandhipuram Kallapalayam / Pappampatti / Periakuyili
109 Saibaba Colony Irugur
111 Gandhipuram Gandhipuram
113 Keeranatham Ondipudur
114 Gandhipuram Irugur
115A Gandhipuram Gandhipuram
120 Maruthamalai Premier Mills
120A Maruthamalai Arasampalayam
135 Singanallur Telungupalayam
140 Gandhipuram Singanallur
160 Gandhipuram Gandhipuram
Bus No
S1 Ondipudur Maniakaranpalayam
S2 Uppilipalayam - Sowripalayam KG Chavadi - Palghat rd
S3 Theethipalayam - Perur Varatharajapuram
S3A Gandhipuram Theethipalayam - Perur
S3B Theethipalayam - Perur Gandhi Managar
S4 Uppilipalayam Mathipalayam
S6 Vellakinar ESI - Singanallur
S7 Ondipudur Kovaipudur
S7A Singanallur Kovaipudur
S8 SITRA/Airport Saibaba Colony
S9 Ondipudur Udayampalayam - Ganapathy
S9A Ondipudur KCT - Saravanampatti
S9B Ondipudur KCT - Saravanampatti
S9D Ondipudur NGGO Colony
S10 Ondipudur Udayampalayam - Ganapathy
S11 Ondipudur Kanuvai
S12 Masakkalipalayam Maruthamala
S13 ESI Hospital Maruthamalai
S14 Kovaipudur Aavarampalayam
S15 Maruthamalai SIHS Colony
S15A Maruthamalai SIHS Colony
S16 Telungupalayam - Selvapuram Singanallur
S17 Kovaipudur Aavarampalayam
S18 Neelikonampalayam NGGO Colony / Teachers Colony
S19 SITRA Vellalur
S21 PSG Krishnammal Periyanaickenpalayam
S21A Ondipudur Periyanaickenpalayam
S21B Singanallur Veerapandi Pirivu (MTP Rd)
S23 Ondipudur Cheran Nagar (MTP Rd)
S23A Ondipudur Cheran Colony
S23B Ondipudur Cheran Colony
S24 KNG Pudur Ondipudur
S25 Gandhipuram Kovaipudur / Arivoli Nagar
S26 Nanjundapuram Maruthamalai
S27 Ukkadam Pappampatti / Sulthanpettai
S29 Thudiyalur Nehru Nagar
S30 CheranMaNagar Kovaipudur