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We have been publishing TIRUPUR GUIDE for the past 30 years. Which has been appreciated by The Hindu, The New Indian Express etc. Many associations of Tirupur industrialists also appreciated our service to the industry.

Now, our Tirupur Guide and Covai City Guide are published in our websites also.

Coimbatore business people, who referred our Tirupur Guide, suggested us to bring out Covai City Guide in the same manner.

Hence, so far, we have published 6 editions of Covai City Guide, White Pages.

Our letter font size is big. All complete and updated addresses are given with all their phone nos. of office, factory, residence, fax, mobile, email id & website details.

Our website: www.coimbatoreguide.in

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City Map, District Map and Taluk Maps are also given.

It saves Time, Money & Energy of the user.

Hence, it is referred by all business people of Coimbatore and the people of India & Abroad, having business contact with Coimbatore.

Covai City Guide Book is available in all leading book shops, railway stalls, airport stalls, post offices, trade fairs etc.

If Tirupur & Coimbatore are market for your product or service, release your ad in our guides, which will be published in our websites also. It will boost your business definitely.