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Main Categories


Your perfect guide in Tirupur

A must guide for the residents and those traveling to Tirupur for business purposes from all over the country and abroad. The directory contains all the addresses so that they can find out for themselves the location without being misguided.

The New Indian Express, 12-10-2002


A Guide for Entrepreneurs

It is a mammoth task indeed to collect the addresses and phone numbers of the manufacturers and service providers and update the data regularly for the benefit of the businessmen and also the thousands of buyers and visitors, who would like to have a reference book on the hosiery town.

The Hindu, 15-09-2002


A Guide to Coimbatore

- It is more than a directory

It could be a business person’s favorite handbook. For, details of all enterprises in the city are packed into it. Covai City Guide, brought out by Vasantham Pathippagam, publishers of the Tirupur City Guide, has a profile of sorts of all business firms in the city, complete with the factory, residence, fax, cell phone numbers and e-mail.

Launched in March 2006, the guide has already hit the stands in the city. It takes one through the agricultural, machinery, industrial, education, medical and financial establishments and services in the city in addtion to bus, train and flight timings.

Ordinary Customer

Though targeted mainly at the business and industrial sector, it also comes across as a useful guide for the ordinary customer as it has valuable information regarding lodging and entertainment avenues in the city.

"The success of Tirupur guide published since 1984 prompted us to go in for such a guide for the city of Coimbatore", says P.Shanmughavel, Editor of the publication. "A lot of people in coimbatore who have business links with Tirupur found the book very useful and wanted a similar one in their city", he adds.

The guide is available at all bookstalls, bus stands, railway stations and airports. While some of the copies are being given free, it has been priced at Rs. 150/-(including the city map).

The 14-member team headed by Mr.Shanmughavel as the editor comprises the group behind the making of this city guide. With 300-odd pages, it comes along with a colour map of Coimbatore city.

The map has separate sections on the north and south taluks and of the entire district. One can also buy the map alone for Rs. 50/-.

The city guide also has an online edition,

The Hindu, 04-05-2006

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